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To order the Kaimbo semantic search plugin, please contact our sales department at kaimbo@transinsight.com.

Features at a glance

  Professional Enterprise    
Price FREE 1 € / month 10 € / month 1 on request
No registration    
One-click installation    
Semantic search 10000 pages no limits
Advanced keyword search 10000 pages no limits
Smart autocompletion    
Easy login    
Concept highlighting    
Instant indexing    
In place editing    
Knowledge-base view no limits no limits
PDF indexing    
Commercial use    
Searches with zero results    
Searches by frequency    
Last searches by date    
Full Support    
Knowledge-Base editor 2   on request
Search on external pages 3   on request
Section indexing    
Sort results by post date 4   on request
Customization / local use   on request


1 charged yearly
2 coming soon
3 directly linked pages are searched as well

4 the pages are divided by the headers which have an id. Clicking on the result, the page will scroll to section where the keywords were found.