1. Install it from the plugin repository, or copy it in your wordpress instalation’s ‘/wp-content/plugins/’ folder.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.

    The plugin registers your site to our service, and the indexing starts. By default we do this at 1 page/sec. If your server allows it, you can increase the speed.

    You got informed about the process, and you can change the options in the Settings / KAIMBO menu in WordPress. 

    If you have 60 pages, this will take around 1 minute, and so on.

    The seach will return the default wordpress search results until the indexing is finished ! For the admin user a popup is shown telling how many percent of the indexing is ready.

  3. You are ready to use the non-semantic features as advanced keyword search, and search in documents.
  4. Now for the semantic part:
    • In the Settings / KAIMBO menu select the users who can edit the Knowledge base of your site.
  5. Selecting words on your website (select and left click on it, and use the popup menu), you can add concepts and related concepts to your knowlegde base.
    • after this, for example if you added “WordPress” as “wp”, users searching “wp” will found pages containing the word WordPress
    • the more concepts and related concepts you add the easier will the readers find what they are looking for.

Important note: The plugin works only on webpages hosted on a domain name accessible from the internet. Localhost,, password protected pages will not work, because the search server can not find these to index them, therefore it can not return search results. Only the online-editing feature will work.


After installation:

  • In the Settings / KAIMBO menu you will found statistics about what was searched in your page, when, how often.